MSOL, MAOL, MBA, and Bachelor’s Degrees in Organizational Leadership in Mississippi

Written by Catherine Dorian

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Studying organizational leadership is an exercise in humility. Like the state of Mississippi is committed to improving itself and making decisions that benefit its people, those who study organizational leadership do so because they care about improving the lives of others, and they do it by growing the companies, businesses, and nonprofits that bring positive change to their community.

When you study organizational leadership, you learn how to foster solutions-based conversations and brainstorming sessions with diverse groups of people. You learn how to read members of a team, and how to match them with tasks and projects based on their talents and goals. You learn how to listen to others, and you see conversations as opportunities to learn how to improve the business or other organization you’re working in. You also become adept at creating and implementing plans for improvement, delegating tasks to those best suited for a job, and taking action on ideas.

Much of the south values its historical contributions to art, literature, and agriculture. Much of the south also embraces that regional gentility that comes with such rich history and culture. But Mississippi is not a state lost to time. 

Mississippi is a state where people can make change happen, without compromising their values – which is why it’s a place where leaders of all kinds are made with the help of a degree in organizational leadership.

Mississippi Has a Spirit that Blends Southern Gentility with Gritty Persistence

downtown jackson, mississippiJust check out the Mississippi Top 50, a list of the most influential leaders, determined each year by a non-partisan group. You’ll see that many of them are selected for their tenacious pursuits that not only benefit their businesses and organizations, but which benefit the people of their state.

Marie Sanderson, a former policy director on both the state and federal levels, is a founding partner of P2 Public Affairs, who founded the Mississippi 30 Day Fund in 2020 to provide loans to small businesses who were impacted by COVID.

The Yates Companies, Inc., calls Mississippi home and has made significant contributions to the state’s recovery and disaster relief efforts.

Mississippi is also a state where local pride meets national prestige. Richard Cross, ESPN play-by-play announcer and host of the SportsTalk Mississippi, was recognized by the National Sports Media Association. And Richard Wright, a regular contributor to ESPN and The Atlantic has authored several stories that have put Mississippi on the map for sports and culture.

If these examples are any testament, there are many ways to be a leader in Mississippi. Affordable housing and the potential for diverse industries and businesses are attracting all kinds of young professionals, who fuel the state’s determination to grow economically and culturally.

What You Can Do With a Master’s or Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership in Mississippi

You can apply a degree in Organizational Leadership to many areas and interests. In Mississippi, you can use the skills you gain with your degree to advance several industries and gain influence in many areas.

Along with its economic investment in the oil industry, Mississippi also knows that to maintain its charm is to maintain its environment. To this end, Governor Tate Reeves has endorsed the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund, which is working to conserve and restore the coast, barrier islands, and marshes, efforts that will improve water quality for people and wildlife.

Mississippi also does a lot to promote the expansion of businesses and industries. The energy industry is attracting more jobs; according to Mississippi Economic Council, Entergy Mississippi just opened a new $16.6 million service center, and Mississippi legislators recently agreed on $2.5 billion capital investment in Lowndes County, which could grow cities like Columbus and revive some of the state’s rural treasures.

Mississippi is also a state that values learning, particularly for leaders. Ole Miss recently hosted a Family Business Symposium, where young and experienced leaders shared ideas that help Mississippi’s small businesses continue to thrive in a state that values generational progress and economic stability for its small towns.

Manufacturing and shipbuilding are also industries that dominate Mississippi’s markets, and if you’re interested in working in tech, Mississippi has found a niche in rocket science. The Stennis Space Center was once one of NASA’s major testing facilities and has experienced a recent revival with Rocket Lab, a US-based company, that is using Stennis as an engine test facility.

Mississippi knows that it needs to empower local leaders as it pursues new economic, environmental, and cultural ventures, and the state offers many opportunities for ambitious minds to gather and learn. The Mississippi Economic Council offers its yearly Leadership Mississippi, a training program run by the M.B. Swayze Foundation, and the State of Mississippi Leadership Academy has graduated some of the state’s top business executives.

A state with small-town feel and wholesome values, Mississippi is ideal for both young and experienced leaders. Mississippi wants their people to succeed, and they want to maintain their humility and integrity amidst their success. As an organizational leader, you can get to be a part of Mississippi’s determination to attract new ideas and possibilities. 

Universities in Mississippi Offering Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Organizational Leadership

Mississippi needs leaders who contribute locally, fostering an entrepreneurial, problem-solving spirit with businesses located right here. Earning a bachelor’s in organizational leadership, or an MOL/MAOL/MSOL or MBA with a focus in organizational leadership here in Mississippi doesn’t mean you have to go elsewhere to put it to good use.

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